9 Obscure Heavy Metal Movie Cameos

Metallica on The Simpsons
In the episode "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer" (Season 18), Metallica's appearance may not have had anything to do with the actual plot; but that almost makes it an even better cameo. Otto drives by the band as they stand by their broken-down tour bus. When Otto offers a lift, James Hetfield responds, "We don't take rides from strangers."

AC/DC in Private Parts

Private Parts was a perfect platform for AC/DC to rock their brand of carefree, balls-to-the-wall metal. You have to give an appreciative nod to these guys for having rocked it for so long.

White Zombie on Airheads

Even though I mentioned this film earlier, White Zombie was another solid cameo. The soundtrack alone is chock full of '90s hellbilly metallers White Zombie, who also turned up halfway through the movie when policeman Chris Farley attempted to find one of the character's girlfriends.

His search brought him to the music venue the Whiskey a Go Go, where White Zombie is rocking out. Farley encounters some unruly bare-chested metal fans, and deals with it by making sure a particular fan will never want a nipple ring ever again.

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