9 Obscure Heavy Metal Movie Cameos

Cannibal Corpse in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

This has to be one of the funniest scenes in death metal history. As Jim Carrey moves through a crowded rock bar to get to his scientist friend behind the "New England . . . Clam . . . Chowder" door, familiar grunts and shouts that come from the stage.

Carrey jumps straight into the air and bobs amongst the other metal heads, most of whom are hidden behind massive manes of headbanging hair. Carrey would later, jokingly, name Cannibal Corpse as his favorite band whenever asked.

KISS on Family Guy

The band members of KISS make appearances in two different Family Guy episodes. The first is "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas," in which they must rescue Santa from dinosaurs in a television special. The second one is "Road to Europe," in which they meet up with Peter and Lois at a diner after a concert. Lois was apparently a groupie in her earlier days, as Gene Simmons' tongue creeps into her bathroom stall and she giggles, "Gene! Oh my! I didn't know you were here!"

Lemmy Kilmister on Airheads

This 1994 comedy is a classic. When Brendan Fraser's character, "Chazz" Chester Darvey, was talking to an undercover cop pretending to be a record executive, and he asked, "Who'd win in a wrestling match, Lemmy or God?" it set the stage for a punch line that has never gotten old in my world of heavy metal.

The cop: "Lemmy."
Rex, played by Steve Buscemi, imitates a game show buzzer.
The cop quickly changes his answer. "God!"
Rex: "Wrong, dickhead, trick question. Lemmy IS God!"

When Lemmy does show up in the film (he's also credited as "Lemmy von Motorhead"), he joins in with the crowd admitting geeky pastimes and admits that he edited his school magazine in his youth -- which is actually true.

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