EyeHateGod Is More Than Just a Catchy Name

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Bill Ebbesen
"I think there's a big misconception of EyeHateGod," says Jimmy Bower. "People see the name, think, maybe these guys are Satanists, maybe they're just stupid."

I first heard EyeHateGod back in 1992 when In the Name of Suffering came out. Admittedly, I was as enthused by their name as much as their
music -- I was always looking for bands whose very name was offensive. But with that record I ended up quite pleased by the music that came out of my super-cool Park 'n Swap speakers. I was immediately a fan.

Eight years later, I was fortunate enough to have timing on my side when a Halloween trip to New Orleans coincided with EyeHateGod's playing a show in its hometown. My traveling companions were not super-hip to shelling out the dough and wasting precious time outside the French Quarter to see doom metal -- there's that name again -- but they were all glad they did afterward.

Feedback loving fans of heavy, ugly, kick-you-in-the-face sludge-metal will be handsomely rewarded for doing the same on Saturday, when 13th Floor Entertainment brings them to Joe's Grotto.

EyeHateGod is stoner-ish in the way the Melvins are stoner-ish, mixed in with some creepy flavor spice oozing from low-end pustules on the bass and drums. With only 10 strings between the twin-guitar attack, their tone is part Black Flag, part Southern Rock, and full-on mayhem. They've refined their sound since the first time I popped in In the Name of Suffering, but classics like Dopesick and Take As Needed for Pain still send out dark, heavy rumbles of mayhem with the best of them.

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