Dirty Hairy's "Liquor and Marijuana-Fueled" Rock Bacchanal Invades West Phoenix on Saturday Night

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Dirty Hairy goes all out at Crescent Ballroom.
Local band Dirty Hairy is a bit of an anomaly. Led by frontman H. Shelton Valentine, a raspy-voiced punk rock dervish in the body of an aspiring Buddha, the band cranks out some of the most questionable covers you could imagine, along with a smattering of punk/metal hybrid originals.

And they pull it off with a mix of humor and rock panache that always get their crowds riled up, which you can witness for yourself during their gig on Saturday night at West Phoenix pub O'Brien's Sports Bar.

The show, which also features Tucson's rock veterans Pork Torta and local weed rap king SupaJoint, will likely follow Dirty Hairy's rock 'n' roll raison d'être, which its vocalist says involves having "kind of a wild and crazy good time."

Along with bassist Johann Halpe, guitarist Chris Anderson, and drummer James White, Valentine works hard to create quite a bona fide ruckus and encourage audience participation whenever they play.

"[It's] high-energy, liquor- and marijuana-fueled fun," he says. "We toss lots of stuff into the crowd. Plan on smiling and maybe dancing a little. [People] should plan on hearing songs they know."

Suffice it to say, being bummed out is strictly verboten at a Dirty Hairy show.

Valentine, who will celebrate his birthday Saturday night, isn't the only member of the band adept at instigating wild times at its gigs.

To wit: Dirty Hairy bassist Johann Halpe, who embodies the latter part of the band's name with his mane of curly black hair, tends to have a wardrobe surprise up his sleeve, which includes boas, provocative leggings, and light-up clothing.

"Do not come if you are easily offended," he says.

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O'Brien's Sports Bar

7829 N. 35th Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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