The 2014 Coachella Lineup Has Been Announced -- and It's Good!

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Colin Young-Wolff
Let me speak on behalf of everyone by saying, "Whoa, the 2014 Coachella lineup came out early." The news is still pretty fresh -- Coachella sent out the lineup e-mail a little after 9 Wednesday night, causing the Internet to blow up as usual. It's tough to see beyond the headliners -- though you should be pretty damn excited that Neutral Milk Hotel and The Replacements are playing.

Three full days of music can be a little daunting, so we took the liberty of analyzing the lineup for you on a day-by-day basis.

Outkast is headlining, which is fucking awesome. This reunion show was confirmed ahead of time, but after last year's Rolling Stones rumors, nothing seemed certain. The average Coachella-goer was too young to see Outkast during the Speakerboxxx heyday anyway, so this is fantastic news.

The second line is full of all sorts of amazing -- you can dance your ass off to The Knife, Girl Talk, and Chromeo, which we hope to God won't overlap. The Replacements were incredible at Riot Fest; if you're even just a casual fan, I'd recommend checking them out.

Some Friday bands were expected, based on 2013 album releases -- HAIM, Neko Case, Kate Nash, Waxahatchee, etc. Others put out albums last year but don't seem like typical Coachella bands. Not that I'm complaining, but what is Title Fight doing at Coachella? AFI and Anti-Flag are even weirder. But hey, Descendents and Buzzcocks have been fun in previous years, so if anything, folks like me can enjoy a smaller crowd.

One of the best things about Friday's lineup are the bands that appeared to come out of left field. Were you expecting to see The Afghan Whigs or Bonobo anytime soon? I didn't think so.

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Luke Hansen
Luke Hansen

That's Tiga the DJ/producer that's playing, not Tyga the rapper.

Kevin Frost
Kevin Frost

Variety of acts for the beta/fedora/neck beard crowd!

Joe Rollins
Joe Rollins

Techno? Have you been to a festival since the 90s?

Brandon Doyle
Brandon Doyle

This lineup is the best, I've been going since 09 and this blows all the other lineups away. Would've liked to have seen a better Sunday headliner but who cares. The. Fucking. Knife!!

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