Chuck Hall Looks Back and Forward as He Joins Fervor Records

Categories: Blues

Hall says his blues is an interpretation of many styles, but much of it comes from Texas, where he used to live.

"Music is like air to me," Hall says. "I don't know what I'd do without it." His mother, Betty Sue Hall, performed classical music, mostly Mozart, on the piano. Now 84, she continues to give individual piano lessons. His dad, meanwhile, brought home jazz record after jazz record.

When he began playing as a teenager Hall says he got "real good, real fast," but he doesn't mean it as a boast -- it came so easily to him that he didn't take it seriously. By his early 20s he'd dedicated himself to working on it eight to ten hours every day.

"That's when music straightened out my life."

Hall holds other musicians to the same high standards. "I love the guys who get the most out of the least, meaning they can play one or two notes and stop you in your tracks," he says. BB King, Freddy King, Steve Cropper, and Jimi Hendrix are at the top of his list.

For his next project, Hall has composed 15 pieces that he can perform solo on electric guitar. He's keeping busy in the meantime; in the past year, Hall married Mary Ann Donahue. "She inspires me to keep up my music," he says. "I've written five beautiful pieces that were directly inspired by her and wouldn't exist otherwise. I look forward to performing these songs, on my nylon strings, for the public."

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