Wolvves - Funny World - 12/6/2013

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At this point Aydin forced all the audience members in the kitchen area into the living room and poked his head outside to instruct the smokers to make their way inside as well. Immortal had been drinking heavily before the show, and for many bands that can spell doom for a set. But for Wolvves it just meant the already-uninhibited Immortal was going crazier than usual, jumping into the crowd to mosh during songs and barking out orders at his adoring public.

During the Wolvves set Dankster once again tried to get the mosh pit started, but to no avail, finding himself bumping into the same one or two people over and over again. But who could blame him? Wolvves' music is just so easy to move too.

While Aydin was engaging the crowd and doing his thing as one of Phoenix's clear standout front men, Isaac was adding his own flair to the music with his guitar riffs. Though Wolvves is clearly driven by their stellar lead singer, Isaac has definitely put his stamp on the music by adding a layer of heaviness that was not present before his arrival in the band.

Though the mosh never got going for Dankster, Wolvves still got the whole room moving and had Bacchus frontman and labelmate Austin Rickert singing along to almost every song. By the end of the set Immortal was too inebriated to hold the mic; Campo held it in front of his face while he belted out their closing song, "Locals Only," which Rickert also jumped in on.

Wolvves is definitely a band to look out for in the New Year as they prepare to record more music--with a more refined sound, according to Immortal. To get the proper Wolvves experience, make sure to catch them at a house show. Because for now there isn't a better DIY band in the Valley than this four-piece.

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