Willie Nelson & Family - Celebrity Theatre - 12/18/13

Bluesy country perfection saturated the air, and even though the sound system needed a few tweakings here and there, the crowd didn't seem to care. They sang around with just about every chorus throughout the evening.

Pianist Bobbie Nelson was a sparkly sight to see, and busted out fast-paced, old-timey piano solos at various breaks throughout the evening. During the first piano solo, about seven songs into the show, Willie took off his cowboy hat and fitted his trusty red bandanna onto his balding head. The bright overhead lighting made Nelson appear even older than in those close-up photos in the last Rolling Stone magazine interview, but his eyes are just as bright, youthful and lively as ever.

Nelson introduced the entire band, ranging from very young to very seasoned. "This song's about me and Paul!" he announced, before launching into "Me and Paul" and then onto "Help Me Make it Through The Night."

Willie pierced the air with his rapid strumming on is trusty guitar Trigger. It has so much wear and tear from constant years of strumming that it almost looks as if a jaguar got at it; but if you look close enough, you can see that more than 100 of the scratches are signatures here and there of all Nelson's closest friends.

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Anita Valles
Anita Valles

Love the cool Willie Nelson! You'll never grow old!

Kal Varnson
Kal Varnson

ugg I wish I could've gone. I saw him live when I was 14...and im 42 now.... hey willie.. as snoop lion said "you got a problem with willie? you got a problem with me!" LOVE YOU. this bowl of Lemon Trainwreck is in your honor :)

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