Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Christmas Week

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Jason DeVore - Tempe Tavern - Thursday, December 26

Authority Zero is the kind of local-band-makes-good you think you'd be, if you just made good already. Jason DeVore and company, despite having a fanbase that took them across Europe and Russia and just about anyplace bands have fanbases, are almost impossible to avoid around town, playing shows and watching them and generally being Elder Statesmen types.

Their fifth full-length, The Tipping Point, came out this past April, and the band toured hard on it. Now DeVore is bookending their New Years Eve show at the Marquee Theatre with two solo shows--a January 4 date at Last Exit Live and a Boxing Day special at Tempe Tavern. Solo, DeVore is somewhat less fiery than he is with Authority Zero, playing in a percussive, soulful acoustic style that--predictably--will appeal to Authority Zero fans without sounding much like them. (The reggae influence is present, but you'll have to dig for it.) There's no way of knowing whether you'd be as available as Authority Zero is, because you're probably not as big a deal as they are. But we can be glad they're available anyway.

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