Ray Ray Hinkle and Bluzone Play The Blues To Pay For Chemo

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The blues community continues to rally around those in need. About 10 bands recently performed at Pho Cao Vietnamese Restaurant and Nightclub in Tempe to help Lenny Malik.
Malik, known for his harmonica playing in the Phoenix area, is suffering from colon cancer. He was a truck driver for many years and one month after retiring was stricken with the disease.

Ray Ray Hinkle, frontman for Bluzone, was one of the key players in putting the fundraiser together. "The blues community in the Phoenix area supports each other," he says. "The blues community comes together like a family. The point is to help each other, and it's beautiful."

10 bands played for 12 hours. Those joining Bluzone to donate their time included Bob Corritore, Chuck "Chuckie Baby" Morris, Gypsy, Cajun Tom, Lotus, Los Pinekeye, Walking Cane Mark, Paul Cruize Blues Crew, Dok Washington and Chris Lopez.

"There was a lot of music and a lot of love," Hinkle says. "Lenny was overjoyed. It wasn't as much about the money as about the love; he was motivated to get back on his treatment."
Hinkle said Malik has been coming to blues jams for the past five years.

"He's just a nice person who happens to be a good musician." Hinkle said Malik has finished his chemotherapy, but he doesn't know Malik's medical progress.

Music lovers may not think about a Vietnamese restaurant and blues music in the same breath, but there are jam sessions at Pho Cao every Tuesday and bands perform there on Friday and Saturday nights. "You can get good food at reasonable prices," Hinkle says.

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