Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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Katelyn Roberts
Welcome to the holiday season nexus. Please turn in your seasonally appropriate pop songs. Please return to the city where you work. Please await further instructions.

Do not think about New Year's Eve. It's not here yet and kind of a disappointment anyway. (View our complete concert calendar here.)

PHX FMLY FEST 2013 - Fifth and Roosevelt streets - Today

Unless I catch Robbie Pfeffer dubbing cassette tapes in an alley somewhere during the PHX FMLY FEST, I'm calling it: Rubber Brother Records is officially suspiciously busy. Maybe time-turner busy. FMLY FEST is not two Motorola phones from the middle-aughts: It's an eight-stage outdoor festival that features recognizable local acts all afternoon and evening, including acts like Wolvves, Diners, Emby Alexander, and Dogbreth, all of whom we're pretty into here.

You can see the full roster -- and the places you'll find them -- on their Facebook page.

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