Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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This set of concert recommendations won't apply to everyone, because we don't have one that takes place in an airport on your way back to your parents' house. But if you're sticking around, like me, you've got some options.

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AJ Calzada

DJ Green Lantern - Bar Smith - Friday, December 20

James D'Agostino has never slipped the surly bonds of gravity and traveled into outer space. Nor has he visited Oa, taken possession of a fabled Power Ring, battled the dastardly Sinestro, or bombed around with the other members of the JLA. Despite all these facts, the 38-year-old is known throughout the hip-hop world as DJ Green Lantern and possesses superhero-like skills as a producer and remixer, especially when it comes to his heavy-duty trap music creations.

Much like D'Agostino himself -- who has an extensive producing career in the rap world and has collaborated and toured with the likes of Jay Z, Ludacris, Skrillex, and Diplo -- his jams and mixtapes (including the popular "Altitude Mix") bridge the realms of hip-hop and EDM. D'Agostino will zoom into Bar Smith, 130 East Washington Street, on Friday, December 20, to join forces with the Foul Play crew for a night filled with hood-hop, trap, glitch, moombahton, and other serious sounds. Resident DJs Prince Money Money, J.Paul, Pickster One, Bigie Meanmugg, and Murk will rock the decks on both floors throughout the night. -- Benjamin Leatherman

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Mike Chickenhead
Mike Chickenhead

the real show you must see is GIRL BONER, THE MENTAL CODE

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