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'Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the venues, most people weren't really doing all that much. But they were doing something, and here are five shows that will give you something to do whether you're in the spirit or not.

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Brian Setzer (credit Green Gretsch)
Brian Setzer (credit Green Gretsch)

Brian Setzer Orchestra - Celebrity Theater - Tuesday, December 17

When Brian Setzer says "Christmas Rocks!," those words take on a completely new meaning. For 10 years now the former Stray Cat has been putting a big band splash on holidays favorites, spicing that rum with a rockabilly twist. Ramping up holiday classics is nothing new, of course: James Brown gave old Saint Nick some funk, while Trans Siberian Orchestra offers Christmas a metallic edge. Setzer's party harkens back to the big bands days of Glenn Miller and Duke Ellington--coat-and-tie affairs sprinkled with elegance. Setzer takes it to the next level, though, compliments of backup singers The Vixens, revved-up guitar solos, and an ever-present rockabilly stroll inhabiting most numbers.

Thus, tracks such as "Dig That Crazy Santa Claus," "O Little Town of Bethlehem" and "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" (strikingthe perfect balance between holiday tradition and Setzer's rockabilly roots) make this concert the holly, jolly Christmas event. And while the big band is a fun diversion, Setzer sticks to his roots with a small band set of Stray Cats classics, including "Rock This Town," complete with duck walks, exaggerated knee bends and one-leg hopping--all without rumpling his suit. --Glenn BurnSilver

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Nick Atkins
Nick Atkins

Umm Richard Esky Chan you down to party hard on Thursday!!??? Haven't seen AWK in ages, LETS GOO!!!

Mark Koster
Mark Koster

i saw "the stray cats" with dave like 1983....then "the dirty boogie" tour in like 1995 ...the "the rockabilly riot" tour in like 2011...then holiday extravaganza tour in 2010...2012...and NOW AGAIN tomorrow night ! BE MY 6TH SETZER EXPERIENCE ! one of "the finest and NICEST GUYS" on any stage and any show i've ever first ever 1965...."herman's hermits" I WAS 10 years old...with the whole "koster klan" !! BELIEVE IT !

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