Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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The Samba Project

The Samba Project - Tempe Festival of the Arts - Sunday, December 8

There's an almost hypnotic quality to Brazilian music--samba and bossa nova beats get transmitted by piano, drums, and guitar under catchy melodies so that your feet start moving before your brain knows quite what's going on. If you're not able to head down South to experience the rhythms first-hand, Brazilian-fusion group The Samba Project brings Brazilian flavors to the Tempe Festival of the Arts, performing a set of both traditional covers and original tracks. "Listening to us is truly like traveling to Brazil, but without having to pay for an overpriced plane ticket," says captivating frontwoman Amanda Soares.

And with the World Cup heading to Brazil this summer, their show provides a head start to the properly festive mood. Soares describes the band's music as reminiscent of something you'd hear in a Brazilian bar or café, energetic, emotionally-charged songs with lyrics so heartfelt that you can feel their power even if you don't speak Portuguese. Set against a backdrop of street performers, including stilt-walkers and magicians, along with 400 visual artists and a bevy of wine and beer purveyors, the set marries Brazilian traditions with the Tempe arts scene. -- Nicki Escudero

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BigMike Zombie-Ficus
BigMike Zombie-Ficus

Playing Desert frostover with Lost in Lies this saturday at Joe's Grotto with the mighty Howitzer

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