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justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake - US Airways Center - Tonight

Justin Timberlake was a weird pick for the decade's Uncontroversial Pop Superstar, coming as he did from an uncontroversially bad boy band and partaking of nearly every terrible '90s trend there was, but maybe that's the whole point: Justin Timberlake was photographed for our sins. All of us have incontrovertible evidence that he was not always very cool, and so long as we remember his highlighted Afro he is a man of the people, and not some golden, unapproachable god.

As things stand now he's only occasionally a golden, unapproachable god; every couple of years he releases a song that seizes upon the culture's intense urge to be charming, suit-wearing adults, and the rest of the time he appears on Saturday Night Live and makes viral videos about having weird sex. That's a minor simplification, but it's not a major one; Justin Timberlake is ultimately not a very complex figure. We like him because he's talented, but not too talented; handsome, but not too handsome; and cool, but not so cool that he makes you feel bad about it.

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Maggie Ryan
Maggie Ryan

You and JT on the same top 5!? HOT!!! Hahaha, for real though.

Victor Hoelscher
Victor Hoelscher

Wouldn't walk across the street if the concert were free.

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