Thanks, Spotify, for Making Music Christmas Gifts Totally Impossible

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3. A Walkman. These are coming back, because there are now people out there who never actually relied on a Walkman to listen to music and have no idea how awful they were. It's the music equivalent of making a million dollars in the tech industry, retiring, and then deciding it must be neat to be a tenant farmer.

The key is to find an especially '80s-looking model. Speaking of which -- if you still have an especially '80s-looking Walkman, consider selling it to finance all of your Christmas gift-giving, because it is probably worth more money than your '80s-looking car.

Cassettes are quickly becoming useful again, though -- local label Rubber Brother alone has put out enough cassettes to fill a truck-stop Ronnie Milsap rack this year -- so you're better off getting ahead of the vintage Sony curve and buying something that's still worthless. Minidisc? A big Discman with ostentatious anti-skip protection?

Just ask yourself -- or the guys in charge, for that matter -- what Rubber Brother will be putting EPs out on next year. Then get on eBay.

4. Spotify Sorry, but these ads show up every two or three list items unless you're a New Times Premium subscriber.

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I disagree.  I gave my dad a Spotify membership for his birthday this year and he LOVES IT.  He would have never found it otherwise and it's almost all he listens to now.  It's a gift that I've been giving him for 6 months now and will continue to just pay for for as long as he uses it, and I've received several thank yous for it because he's enjoyed it so much. 

Gifts are a pretty personal thing, so while you may not want to give Spotify as a gift because you think it's important that you give someone something specific that you already know they like, I gave my dad the gift of discovering artists that he didn't know existed, and now likes.  I'd say that's a pretty amazing gift.

Leroy Laroche
Leroy Laroche

Not for vinyl collectors and people who actually still buy music physically. I still go out and buy records.

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