A Michael Jackson-Sonic the Hedgehog Conspiracy Runs Through Arizona

Sonic 3 Michael Jackson rumors
All those Sonic 3 Michael Jackson rumors have an Arizona-based explanation.
There's no shortage of Michael Jackson conspiracies, but this one is my favorite: Michael Jackson was supposed to do the music for Sonic 3, one of the biggest video game events of the '90s, but the child abuse scandal that changed his career forever sent Sega running. Nevertheless, the conspiracy goes, some of his work remains in the finished product.

It's not my favorite Michael Jackson conspiracy theory because there's something that sounds exactly like "Stranger in Moscow" in there, or because I love video games, even though both of those things are accurate. It's my favorite because it makes so much sense. Now, according to Fervor Records, the truth can be told--and the way they tell it, this conspiracy runs through Arizona and Brad Buxer of the Jetzons.

First, in case you have no idea what's going on, here's the smoking gun: the Sonic 3 credits sequence, which is unmistakably "Strangers in Moscow":

There are lots more of these Michael Jackson Sonic moments across the soundtrack, none of which are so convincing. But Sega had a long relationship with Jackson; they developed his videogame, Moonwalker, and much later on he appeared in Space Channel 5, an extremely Japanese rhythm game for the Dreamcast.

Here's where Fervor Records comes in: They own '80s AZ royalty the Jetzons' back catalogue, which contains an unreleased song, "Hard Times," that is more than a little similar to Sonic 3's Ice Cap Zone theme.

Through waveform comparison--people are serious about this stuff--it's become an accepted part of Sonic 3 lore. The plot thickens: Brad Buxer was Michael Jackson's musical director.

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I was about to call out the "Hard Times x Ice Cap" as an issue of auditory illusion, (hearing things that isn't there, or imprinting a song on-top of another) but once that chorus hits, it was clear that they where both cut from the same cloth.

It's quite possible that the song Hard Times being unreleased mean that the structure and composision was free for the taking, and Michael was one for making sure that songs had a hummable tune. (Of which the original Ice Cap is very memorable in that regards.)

There's a ton more stories in regards with Sonic 3 and Michael Jackson, of which it's clear to see that he did work on it but didn't love it at the end.  What's most notable is that every release of Sonic 3 (Either as downloadable or on a companion game) has add all the original music changed for something a bit more modern SEGA.  Yet we have the classic carts to prove that these songs used to exsist and feature relics in them of a musical genius.


As long time Jetzons , and Bruce Canole fan, would lie to see Bruce do some Nashville and Country licks, bringing things back to their roots .....


Commodores - Nightshift: Tribute to Michael Jackson (2010)  -everyone in HOLLYWOOD been after "MJ" AND  HIS $$ FOREVER....

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