Mary X-Mas Rave feat. DJ Swamp - Buckeye Hills Regional Park - 12/25/2013

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DJ Swamp kicks up sparks on the ones and twos.

As ravers were huddling around each other to keep warm, some wrapped in blankets still dancing and others giving one another "light shows," DJ Swamp was tossing vinyl records, CD's and shirts into the crowd, magically turning records into top hats, wearing crazy LCD screen glasses, busting crazy scratches that sprayed sparks all over the decks and blasting fire out over the crowd with a flame thrower.

Flame on.

Yes, you read that right. He. Had. A. FLAMETHROWER. How many other DJs do you know that come correct with a flamethrower? Don't know the answer to that is zero.

Mary X-Mas is self-proclaimed as Arizona's longest running rave party, and while it may have had a humble turnout this year, if they always bring fun acts like DJ Swamp out then it's no wonder that it's gone on so long.

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