Kanye West - US Airways Center - 12/10/2013

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In response to only receiving two Grammy nominations he said, "Did they think I wouldn't notice? Do they think that in some way that I don't have the power to completely diminish all their credibility at this moment? People congratulate me on those two nominations, I say, Fuck those nominations, it's only patronizing, don't patronize me!"

He said he didn't have any negative feelings about it, but rather only positive energy: "It doesn't matter, success is imminent. We will win. We will overcome because your headlines can't beat the drums. There is nothing that you can do to stop 20,000 people from showing up tonight. There are two types of people: there's dreamers and haters. Only difference is the haters forgot about their dreams, or they let somebody kill their dreams, so they try to kill our dreams, but right now I need you to put your hand up if you feel like you could do anything, or live out any dream."

The monologue went on a little longer than the crowd had patience, but it was surprisingly emotional. He really connected with the crowd, in a way that's difficult to when you are performing in an arena concert, when the space between artist and audience is so defined and distant.

"You can't be scared to fail; you can't stay in that jail--that mental jail that the peer pressure puts you in," sang Kanye in auto-tune, towards the end of his sermon-like message.

Following that, he went into "Through the Wire." He followed it with "Jesus Walks," where a Jesus figure came out onto the runway towards Yeezus, where Kanye said, "It's White Jesus!" Then the mask finally came off, and I could say, for sure, that it was Kanye West on stage.

A pyramid of light lit the front of the stage and encased Kanye within it as fireworks went off for "All of the Lights" and red lights started flashing, as the models held fire on the white mountain behind him.

He ended the show with "Bound 2," which has been the focus of both acclaim and mockery in the media. There's those who claim he's a genius mocking stereotypical art, and then there's those who like the James Franco/Seth Rogen parody too much to take "Bound 2" seriously. Pick your own side, or don't--because that's part of Kanye's appeal. You'll be hard to find an indifferent Kanye fan. Like he says, there's dreamers and haters, and that applies to how people respond to his work. His fans adore him and defend him to death, and then there's those who dismiss him as 'cocky,' but that's too simple of a description of one of the most arguably important pop culture figures of our time.

The show ended with Kanye on his knees, along with the eerie stoic models, who were all staring up at the White Jesus who found his way up to the top of the white mountain at the back of the stage. Yeezus was in rapture to White Jesus, as the lights blacked out, and the crowd dispersed to the nearest exits.

On Sight
New Slaves
Send It Up
I Don't Like
Black Skinhead
I Am a God
Can't Tell Me Nothing
Coldest Winter
Hold My Liquor
I'm In It
Guilt Trip
Blood on the Leaves
Lost in the World
Through the Wire
Jesus Walks
Diamonds from Sierra Leone
Flashing Lights
All of the Lights
Good Life
Bound 2

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"will go down as one of the best tours of all time" ??? Seriously?

I get Kanye. Actually appreciate what the guy has done and is doing. Not many late 40-something white guys are in the same boat with me.

Conceptually, it's a great show. Technically, it was a hot mess. He stopped the show twice - once to get the lights right. Second time to get the music right. He also complained about having echo in his monitors. 

While the show was rich on message and imagery it was lacking in energy. Maybe it was an off night but not exemplary of a "best tour of all time".

66rock topcommenter

This guy is such a prima donna, a real diva.  And it is upsetting to hear him even Hint at putting himself in the same category as Michael Jackson in any way at all.

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