Kanye West - US Airways Center - 12/10/2013

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Yeezus Tour photos
Photos by Yezmin Villarreal
Yeezus walks with them.
Yeezus. Yeezy. Kanye. Ye. Call him what you will, but if last night is any indication Yeezus will go down as one of the best tours of all time, with or without Grammy nominations. Kanye West made sure to mention that his latest record only received two nominations for a record that's been considered one of the best records of the year. He made allusion to Michael Jackson, and how he faces similar struggles when it comes to being taken seriously as an artist, because people simply want to put him in the "urban" category.

"I'm talking beyond that," he said to the crowd, when he remarked that out of the 21 Grammy's he owns, none of those were won when he went up against a white artist. Regardless of awards or nominations, it's hard to deny the holy rapture in which he held the crowd at US Airways last night.

Kendrick Lamar opened up the show exactly at seven sharp, so if there were any lingering souls who thought they could show up after the scheduled start time, they were wrong. As soon as Kendrick's performance ended, a large white mountain appeared on stage with appropriately eerie music, and it gave the impression of both the Holy Mountain and Moses.

The Yeezus tour had five subsets within the show--commandments, you could say, and Kanye would probably want you to. They were Fighting, Rising, Falling, Searching and Finding. Each was presented with a dictionary definition read aloud on the big screen in the dark.

As the anticipation built up for Kanye to make his initial appearance, a group of stoic-looking long-haired models all dressed in white came out on the runway. Suddenly Kanye ran out covered with a gold embroidered face mask, a gold chain, and a tank top that made allusion to the "Bound 2" video--a bald eagle with an American flag on it. Lights beamed in on him from the right, left and from atop.

As he was getting into "Mercy," he stopped midway to say, "How long is it going to take to get the light right?" He refused to go back to the song until the lights were just right. When they were Yeezus approved, he went back into just as intensely before the technical mishap and then there were about 15 lights on the right and left of the stage that flashed in unison with the beat of the song. There was a screen in the shape of a circle above Kanye that was constantly displaying lights, effects, and reflections of Kanye.

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"will go down as one of the best tours of all time" ??? Seriously?

I get Kanye. Actually appreciate what the guy has done and is doing. Not many late 40-something white guys are in the same boat with me.

Conceptually, it's a great show. Technically, it was a hot mess. He stopped the show twice - once to get the lights right. Second time to get the music right. He also complained about having echo in his monitors. 

While the show was rich on message and imagery it was lacking in energy. Maybe it was an off night but not exemplary of a "best tour of all time".

66rock topcommenter

This guy is such a prima donna, a real diva.  And it is upsetting to hear him even Hint at putting himself in the same category as Michael Jackson in any way at all.

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