The Hourglass Cats Make You Miss Summer With A New Video at Fossil Creek

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The Hourglass Cats (Ben Garcia)
Ben Garcia
The Hourglass Cats "are not a white-boy reggae band."
The Hourglass Cats released their video for their single "Sense," on Monday. The video is their first from their May 2013 EP, 432. The video is a plotless ode to the summertime day trips that Phoenicians take to get out of the sweltering Phoenix heat.

"I mean, obviously, it's an Arizona thing," says lead singer Cori Rios. "If you're going to the beach, that's fake--we aren't from California, we're not going to the beach. We're going to watering holes and little oases, our version of going to the water--lakes, rivers, Sedona, whatever it is. As a Phoenix kid I've known about Fossil Creek and day-tripping to get out of the heat. You go to the water and a lot of our songs are about running to the water and getting away and escaping."

The video was directed by medical student and avid GoPro user Alex Morales, who also filmed The Hourglass Cats' videos for "Keep Stepping" and their journey through Apache Lake Music Festival, set to the music of their peers Sara Robinson and The Midnight Special, Future Loves Past and Japhy's Descent.

"'Keep Stepping' was just a random gig at ASU with a waterslide at it. It wasn't that cool of an event but Alex made it look cool," said Rios. Rios and Morales are both lifelong Phoenicians who met during their middle school years. "He's trying to become a doctor right now, so he does it for fun. He does a bunch of climbing videos and snowboarding videos too, he's just one of those GoPro guys," says Rios.

THC decided to wait to release the video because, according to Rios, "Right now the summertime looks so appealing. Like, when I watched that I really missed it. I missed being warm and it made me appreciate that even more, like Arizona can be pretty cool."

The simple, yet exciting, video that Morales and THC put together in many ways is also a reflection of The Hourglass Cats' upbeat music and live shows. It's not too complicated, it sounds terrific, it's easy to look at, and it's a whole lot of fun.

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