Future Loves Past Celebrates Cringle Crumb With Exceptionally Creepy Video

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"We really like Bogan Via's music. We've been able to watch them progress since the open mics we used to play alongside each other. We're always stoked to be on the same bill, and it's rad that they are able to tour. I'm sure they will put on an awesome, tight show since they've been playing a lot lately."

FLP has not been slouching on the live shows either since releasing their album All The Lucious Plants at their two-day release festival "Lushfest" in mid-September. Though they were not able to tour through Europe in the fall with their jet-setting counterparts, FLP definitely made the most of their autumn in the Valley. Some of their fall highlights included their appearance at Rubber Brother fest in late September, their headlining performance at Apache Lake Music Festival on October 18, and their packed-house performance at Dry River Yacht Club's album release on November 16 at the Crescent.

But that is just the kind of year 2013 was for Future Loves Past, whose impressive fall resume came after helping pack the Crescent on July 10 for a showcase of some of Phoenix's biggest locals, as well their performance at McDowell Mountain Music Festival to close out the local stage on March 31.

Not a bad list of shows for a band that also managed to churn out a terrific album in the same year. But while Future Loves Past grew tremendously locally in 2013, they are hoping that in 2014, while they work on their next album, Our Solar System, they might be able to grow on the national stage. "We have big plans for 2014," said Dede.

Plans that include recording more music with Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Studios, as well as releasing some new music videos, while booking more out-of-town dates and trying to stay on top of the most quality in-town gigs, according to the Phoenix popsters.

While the band is not quite ready to set any concrete dates for the release of new music, they did say the first two tracks of Our Solar System are recorded, and fans can expect "a short EP of sorts in the near future."

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Bob Hoag
Bob Hoag

Finally watched this. I love it. Lourve it, even.

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