Future Loves Past Celebrates Cringle Crumb With Exceptionally Creepy Video

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When some bands have a big show coming up they throw up a couple of posters, set up some well-timed posts on Facebook, cross their fingers, and hope for the best. When indie-progressive-disco six-piece Future Loves Past has a big show coming up they get weird.

With their final show of 2013 coming up on December 28 at the Crescent Ballroom, Future Loves Past decided to let their quirky personalities shine in an "Adult Swim-esque," promotional video/holiday special, according to guitarist and singer Tristan Dede.

"We made the same kind of video for our Kickstarter campaign and it went over really well. It's easy and fun for us to film these videos. We're really only good at making fun of ourselves on camera; none of us can act at all," says Dede. "It seemed like it would be more entertaining for people to watch something creative and themed rather than a commercial featuring a bunch of awkward musicians telling you how great it would be to go to their show."

The video is FLP's comedic take on some old holiday favorites, including Rudolph and the little drummer boy, among others. "We all love that kind of humor and creating that style of video caters to low budgets and bad acting. There's nothing to 'get' about it. It's just a parallel version of the holidays that we made up for fun."

Perhaps Dede and his cohorts are in such good spirits heading into their Saturday night date at Phoenix's favorite venue because of their co-headliner, Phoenix-based synth-pop act Bogan Via, who are back home from their European tour and taking the stage for their own last performance of 2013.

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Bob Hoag
Bob Hoag

Finally watched this. I love it. Lourve it, even.

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