Florida Georgia Line: Brian Kelley on the Band's First Headlining Tour

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It seems like you two work really well together.
We do. That's why we decided to do this together a long time ago. We figured we were better off together than separate. We're like brothers, man. A record label didn't put us together or anything like that. We chose to be together because we love each other like brothers, and we have a good connection with music.

You have been both nominated and won at nearly every major award show in the last year. Can you describe what that has been like?
It's crazy. It's all been very, very humbling and very, very fast. It goes into having an amazing team, and amazing fans and country radio backing us up. It all feels good, and it all feels like a dream.

I think if anything, if success has changed us, it has just made us want to work harder. We want to continue this, and continue rocking and put out the best songs that we can. We're the same Brian and Tyler that started writing songs on his tailgate; success isn't going to change us.

Here's to the Good Times has now gone platinum. Did you ever think that would happen?
We knew we had a special album, to be honest with you, we did. We never put a number on it and said, "It's going to do this or do that." We just knew people would love it, because we did and we knew our fans are a lot like us. To go platinum blew us away; that's definitely something that doesn't happen very often anymore.

Are you working on your next album?
We have a re-package that came out on November 25 with five brand new songs and videos and behind the scenes content. For our second record, we've been working on that and writing on that and it'll be out sometime next year. We're not thinking about that right now, just about writing it and getting it ready.

What can all of the FGL fans in Phoenix expect at the Almost Acoustic Christmas show?
We had a good time last time we were there. It's going to be the biggest party of the [season]. I can't wait for everybody to see the production, we've put a lot of time into it. We have lighting rigs that nobody else has, and video screens and some other tricks up our sleeve. More than anything, just focus on the music.

The song "I'm in a Hurry" by Alabama will be in the set. Anything kind of goes, we play as long and as loud as we want. Any Florida Georgia Line fan knows what to expect if they come to our show.

You'll be playing with Colt Ford and Cole Swindell who are also from Georgia.
We're good buddies with both of them, man. We got our start with Colt years ago touring around in my car. We had this opportunity to come up and we said, "We have to have Colt come back out with us." And Cole Swindell is a great up and coming artist. We're a big fan of his song "Chillin' It". He's got huge things ahead of him.

Tell me about the sponsorship by Grainger on this tour.
We're big believers in opportunities and giving people opportunities. We've been working with Grainger in a program called Tools for Tomorrow. It's a scholarship program for trade jobs. We're huge believers in that. We love any opportunity to give back, and we're all about hard work. It's what we know, and where we come from.

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