Captain Squeegee Is Skeptical of The Warren Commission, But They Believe in To The Bardos

Captain Squeegee Masons
Captain Squeegee's music sounds like this looks.
Talking about Captain Squeegee's new album, To The Bardos, frontman Danny Torgersen is excited about the songwriting and the performances, and he's excited about the crowdfunding campaign that made it possible--he's excited about most things, to be honest. But that's not what he's most excited about.

"I think Bob Hoag saved the record," he tells me. Hoag, who recorded and produced the album at Flying Blanket Recording in Mesa, was the impetus for all the crowdfunding in the first place.

"There's seven of us playing like 10 instruments... and there's always been this problem where by the time we're done recording you can't hear anything." The way he says it it sounds like the problem is mystifying him even now, with copies of the record sitting shrinkwrapped in his backpack.

That's the big deal about To The Bardos, really: If you haven't seen them live, this is the first chance you'll get to know what Captain Squeegee sounds like. The unwieldy klatsch of horn-players and guitarists is separated in the mix now, and Torgersen is willing to send most of the credit Hoag's way--the added clarity, the professional equipment, even the ability to tell them what not to play. "He said no to me more than I've ever heard the word in the studio, and he was the first person I believed when he said it... he was like an uncle I could trust with my children for the summer."

So now they have a record that sounds like Captain Squeegee sounds--few overdubs, little they can't recreate live, just the sound of a very large band in a reasonably sized room. Squeegee needs that kind of audio business card more than most, because they're an especially difficult band to explain to a third party.

So there's horns, but they aren't a ska band, and--well, no, they still kind of groove a little, just not with all the upstrokes, and--the lyrics? Well, it's about believing in yourself, and also freemasonry, and--and yes, they're serious. Then they've got this web series about lucid dreaming, if you're--yes, lucid dreaming, like being able to know you're flying, for one thing... and then you're trying to explain lucid dreaming to your third party, and both of you have forgotten about To The Bardos.

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