Bogan Via, Future Loves Past, Vial of Sound, and ROAR Reclaim The Least Important Day of the Year

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Future Loves Past, who's been celebrating the weeks leading up to the show with a series of increasingly creepy Christmas photos and videos, take themselves at least a little more seriously than they do traditional Christmas folk tales; their debut album, All the Luscious Plants, carries a precision that's evident in everything from its angels-on-a-pin, tilt-shifted cover art and the vaguely lupine subject matter to the tight drumming underneath its dance-lesson riffs.

None of these bands has a particular sound in common with the others, which is how you can tell President Gator is involved. The Phoenix label, run by Stateside Presents' Jeremiah J. Gratza, trades in split EPs that mimic this same experience; earlier this year Future Loves Past was paired up with erstwhile solo project Yellow Minute, and ROAR appeared on a President Gator split with Gospel Claws, whose proto-rock influences seem to run a little further into the past than ROAR's own.

You can hear a very particular taste at work in the bands that make up this show and President Gator's catalog, but it has less to do with their sounds than the dedication and skill that's evident in each song.

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