The Black Moods: We're Trying to Get a Grip on the Business Side

The Black Moods promo
When opportunity knocks, local rock and rollers The Black Moods are usually the first ones to answer. On Saturday, December 14, at the True Music Festival, the Black Moods will be part of a group of artists ranging from the psychedelic sound of the Flaming Lips all the way to Wiz Khalifa.

TMF founder Jarid Dietrich has said that one of his favorite moments in bringing his dream festival to life was being able to call singer/guitarist Josh Kennedy, bassist Ryan Prier and drummer Danny "Chico" Diaz and personally invite them to be part of the event.

Prior to their opening set at True Music Festival, Up on the Sun spoke with Kennedy about the opportunities that the True Music Festival provides for them and their city, their new album, and what's next for the Black Moods.

Recently, the band has done work with rock producer Eddie Kramer, who has helped along icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles. Are the Black Moods next on the list? Time will tell, but every step counts and the trio knows it.

Being one of the few local bands playing at True Music Fest, what does the opportunity mean to the Black Moods?
Well, there are two things about it. We're getting to play on the main stage with some high-profile groups, and also getting great press from it. Jarid Dietrich called us about the concert and he is a good friend and a nice guy. It was a great show that we could do close to home, because we're only back here for the month of December.

Getting to play with the bigger bands and stuff makes us a lot better. You get to see what everyone else is doing. We're always trying to grow, and when you get to play with bands that are where we want to be it's a double time learning experience. It's a huge step.

Jarid Dietrich told me that one of his top five moments of the True Music Festival was getting to call you and the Black Moods and asking you to play.
That's so nice. Wow! Well like I said, we're lucky that we get to be on it. We're used to being an underdog, which is fine with us, because we still get to tour and have that luxury, but getting to do this festival here is really an honor. It's awesome to get picked to do that, because we're always last to find out about any of these festivals [laughs]. We're really grateful for the opportunity. I mean, the Flaming Lips, what else do you need to say? They are awesome.

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