Florida Georgia Line at Almost Acoustic Christmas - Comerica Theatre - 12/5/13

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Bundy controlled the stage and had the audience's full attention with her high energy and twanging southern drawl voice all the way to her closing hit song "Giddy on Up".

KMLE representatives Steve and Nina welcomed each performer to the stage, and next on the list was Cole Swindell, whose songs are soaked in lyrical stories of beer, bourbon, broken hearts, and beautiful girls. Swindell, wearing a leather jacket and baseball hat, charged to the center of the stage to the sound of crowd cheers after a pounding percussion introduction.

Halfway through his rocking performance, Swindell showed his fans what to expect from him in the future as he debuted his upcoming single "You Ain't Worth the Whiskey," an ode to his ex. He promises her that he may be drinking for a lot of reasons, but never to drown her memory, "because you ain't worth the whiskey."

Swindell closed his performance with his current radio hit "Chillin' It", and had the crowd whistling and chanting along.

The next highlight performance came from country boy Colt Ford and his all-American band. An American flag was tied to Ford's microphone stand as he strutted on stage wearing a cowboy hat, sunglasses and zebra striped cowboy boots, and the fiddle player took his place at his mic stand, which had dangling eagle feathers and a raccoon tail.

Ford kicked off his guitar and bass heavy performance that blends fast-paced backwoods hip-hop style lyrics with country anthem choruses, and had the crowd rocking along.

Try as they might, there are no other country musicians that can match Ford's unique melting pot of sound.

"Country girls make some noise," said Ford, and the room filled with piercing screams as the band tore into "Dirt Road Anthem" and the arena lit up when fans were encouraged to hold their cell phones and lighters high in the air.

The reaction shouldn't have been a surprise, considering that every time Florida Georgia Line's name was mentioned throughout the evening the crowd cheered loudly, but when the headlining band finally took the stage shortly after 10 o'clock I was not expecting the deafening and welcoming roar from the audience that took place. The crowd was going crazy for the opening song and a pair of half-dressed blondes came crashing past me to try and crawl over the barrier onto the stage and had to be stopped by security.

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