St. Madness Brings a Los Angeles Music Award Back to Phoenix

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Beloved local metal quartet St. Madness has been stirring the pot of metal insanity for about 20 years, and you usually won't know what to expect from them, especially at a live show. But anyone who has met lead vocalist Prophet -- a.k.a. Patrick Flannery -- knows that the band values a little thing called consistency.

Consistent stability within the growing local metal scene. Steady evolution in St. Madness' records. And reliable love and support for his metal comrades, shown through everything from an abundance of charity shows to support for the next generation of local bands.

St. Madness: "You Can't Be A Shock Metal Band Without Being Shocking"

Plus, he's super-smiley and sweet. Which I probably shouldn't say about a local metal legend -- but it's true. However, you wouldn't get that mental image after listening to the ninth album by St. Madness, Carnimetal, which is brutally heavy and stays in line with the band's style of mixing thrash, groove, and classic metal.

In fact, Carnimetal has struck a killer chord within the heavy metal industry this year: It won Producer's Choice Award for Metal Album of the Year by the Los Angeles Music Awards, and they are headed to The Avalon Theater in Hollywood on Thursday, November 14, to accept the honor.

It makes sense -- the production quality is cohesive and defined; the instrumentals are packed with layered rhythms and drifty, heavy guitar; and the lyrics are weighted with irony and darkness. One thing I love about St. Madness is that they truly explore the ranges of their potential, and appeal with refined yet super-heavy jams.

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