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Fairy Bones has an EP you should listen to and a show you should check out.
The streets will be a graveyard during normal working and drinking hours this weekend. If you didn't stand in front of Best Buy at two in the morning to get an admittedly pretty good deal on plasma TVs -- better black levels, is the thing -- you can take advantage of this by seeing one of these really pretty good concerts around Phoenix. (Be sure to check out our extensive online concert calendar for more live music events in the Valley this weekend.)

Fairy Bones - Rogue Bar, Scottsdale - Friday, November 29

Fairy Bones has been building a well-deserved buzz across the Valley since their formation, but Friday night they'll tick off an important milestone on their way to converting that vague buzz to concrete fandom: Now they have an EP, something for potential converts who don't get out much and existing converts who need to go a-proseletyzing alike.

Wherever you fall on the conversion spectrum, you should give the album (and the release party) a shot--this is great, aggressive pop-rock, with a lot of hooks that stick in your head and the kind of tempo that pushes them quickly past the ones that don't stick.

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Alex Johns
Alex Johns

Meat puppets . . . if I can get there after I watch ASU get crushed.

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