Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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The weekend before Thanksgiving can't help but disappoint you. It's trying as hard as it can, and it's perfectly happy to remind you that you've got a short week coming up, but really the only positive you can take from it is that you won't get trampled chasing down a really big Vizio TV at Walmart for another week, unless you're, you know, into that. As maybe a sex thing.

Oh, and there's also these must-see Phoenix shows. (View our complete concert calendar here.)

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The Internet has made it extraordinarily easy for indie creators to compete on the same platforms as major ones and hardly easier at all to make money like them. For artists, the problem is obvious; for fans and consumers, it's more subtle. It's easier to discover a story or a song or an iPhone app made in somebody's garage and then rely on it right up to the moment that writer or artist or developer announces he's got to get back to his real life or onto some other project.

St Ranger was our Best Local Band in last year's Best of Phoenix issue; already they had a remarkably polished debut and some new work to their name. On Friday, they'll be playing their last show in Phoenix before a sudden breakup chocked up to -- well, Real Life, that thing bands that managed to reach your ears at the record store and developers who managed to hit the shelves at CompUSA never had to deal with. (Read More.)

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Beth Smith
Beth Smith

Michael Buble'- he was awesome last night!


No I'm waiting in line at Walmart. It's worth nearly being trampled to death to save $50 on a tv.   

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