Top 5 Must-See Phoenix Shows This Weekend

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Final Halloween costume-related update: At least one of these weekend shows will offer you a discounted ticket in exchange for coming in costume, which is a little like getting a free meal for dragging your Christmas tree somewhere in February.

If you'd like to know which one, you can just wear your costume to all five shows and see what happens or view our complete concert calendar here.

Mergence, Through & Through Gospel Review - Crescent Ballroom - Friday, November 3

Last July, Joel Marquard's Through & Through Gospel Review played a gig we eventually named Best Club Show of 2012; this past July, at the MIM, they recreated the experience for everybody who missed it the first time. Joel Marquard's earthy hymns almost feel like an event, at this point--and they're not even the main event.

Friday night Through & Through, along with Of The Painted Choir, are supporting Mergence, who's got a new single out--"The Nerve," a droning, hazy slice of disorientation-rock that somehow ends up a catchy three minutes long. (Imagine John Lennon writing "Rain" after a bad trip. Or just click the play button.)

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