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Every Pearl Jam joke has been made. Every Eddie Vedder impression has been performed, and some of them were very funny, although others were just enormous successes on the Modern Rock chart.

All that's left is to just see Pearl Jam, and listen to Eddie Vedder say "Ah'm still alive" and "Jeremy spoke in cla-ya-yaass today" himself. (View our complete concert calendar here.)

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Maria Vassett
Read our review of Eddie Vedder at Comerica Theatre last year.

Pearl Jam - Arena, Glendale - Tuesday, November 19

No band better illustrates the critical decline of grunge in the Aughts than Pearl Jam, mostly because they're one of the only grunge acts still touring and recording in 2013. Their hyper-publicized feud with Ticketmaster came too soon to do anything about it, and it's easy grist for hypocrisy-watchers who saw their Target ads when Backspacer came out. Musically, their successes have been overshadowed by the astonishing influence Eddie Vedder's voice had on seemingly every post-grunge band that confounded critics in their wake.

It's difficult to pass the baton to a new generation of fans when all of them grew up with Scott Stapp and Chad Kroeger's best "Jeremy" impressions, and it's nearly impossible to present their anti-corporate bona fides now that they're one of Gen-X's only survivors, their contribution to classic rock. But no band should be penalized for outliving its peers, and anyway they're beginning to outlive post-grunge, too -- it could be that Gen X's grandkids will be the first ones able to separate the "Alive" from the "Higher," the way a certain kind of millennial has belatedly decided that Bruce Springsteen was cool after all.

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