Lee Greenwood: "Keep Your Hands Off Our Guns," But Use Them Responsibly

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Being known as the Patriot, do you take a hard political stance in America today?
Not so much. I'm an open-minded person. There are things I do draw the line on, and that's why I'm doing this show in Phoenix called Keep Your Hands Off Our Guns. One of the quotes from Japan during World War II was, "We could never attack America, because every person in America has a gun." I think that's the point of it. Guns don't cause people to die; people cause people to die.

Some of the recent things in the news that have been so tragic, where a kid gets his hands on a gun, the parents have obviously been negligent and left it loaded somewhere. I think there is a responsibility there, and it's not with the person maybe handling the gun, but the people who have sold it to them, or the person that loaded the gun and left it laying around.

You know, any campus needs to be gun-free, but at the same time you have to have people on the campus to protect it with guns. So, it's not to take the guns away from us, but to use them smartly.

What kind of firearms do you own?
We have several shotguns. Both of my boys, my wife and I all shoot trap and skeet. I have two or three handguns, but limited, and a rifle. I use to have more weapons around the house, but it became evident to me that if I had a break-in then people could find them and steal them. I keep them safe and locked up with the ammunition never near the gun.

I gotcha. So you're a trap shooter, huh? My dad and I try to do that as much as possible.
Oh yeah. I haven't shot in about six months now. With the one boy off in college, we used to shoot quite a bit. We belong to a gun club here in Nashville; I think my wife is probably a better shot than I am. [laughs] I don't know why, but she has a very steady hand with a 12-gauge.

The show in Phoenix has some interesting factors to it. It's the 30th anniversary of "God Bless the U.S.A.", its right after Veteran's Day, and called Hands off Our Guns. What can an audience expect that night?
Well, we will be doing a tribute to those that are veterans in the audience, which we always do at every one of our shows. We will acknowledge the fact that many of our World War II veterans are now gone, and as we honor the next group of veteran's from the Korean War and Vietnam.

We will also address the situation that we are supporting the Second Amendment. That's a big deal for the veterans. They know how to handle a weapon, have done it in war, and understand that if proper training is given to anyone that it is a good defense.

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Well, Lee, when we started out as a nation we DID have slavery in most of the states and in the constitution, and white folks were pushing them Injuns off their land. Oh - and women couldn't vote or own property  for the most part. So maybe if you would take some time to read a little instead of just waving that flag around makin' peckerwoods feel good you'd have a little better grip on reality.

I looked at his bio on Wickipedia and didn't see anything about military service. I guess wearing them American flag shirts and a singin' God Bless the USA counts as much as puttin' yourself on the line if you are the Patriot, unlike all us liberals who have taken the oath to support and defend the United States in military service. You and Sarah Palin are indeed the true patriots - after all, in your world, image trumps substance every time. . . 

Brett Solesky
Brett Solesky

Is he going to play his one song over and over or just play it once and walk off the stage?

66rock topcommenter

I'll pass.  He's a one hit wonder now and no, he has not done anything new in 30 years.  

TommyCollins topcommenter

Mike, you took the words out of my mind. What, I wonder, has Mr. Greenwood done for the United States that didn't involve income or profit for him?

Your point about Sarah Palin is dead on. Some kinda patriot she is. She can go out in the wild and shoot and kill pretty much any animal that stands still long enough.


@TommyCollins Palin was a mean girl growing up and is a mean girl today.. Greenwood and Ted Nugent are just candy-asses.

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