King Khan and the Shrines - Crescent Ballroom - 11/13/13

All photos by Amy Young
King Khan and the Shrines

Did you feel the ground around downtown (Phoenix) move last night? Those good vibrations oozing from the cracks of Crescent Ballroom were created by a whole lot of fans who couldn't help but move to the garage-rockin', soulful, funky, psychedelic sounds of none other than King Khan and the Shrines, who stopped in Phoenix on the final night of their recent tour.

King Khan, also known as Arish Ahmad Khan, started making music back in the '90s in Montreal. He's been in bands like rowdy garage punkers The Spaceshits, along with Mark Sultan (a.k.a. BBQ) who later joined Khan to form The King Khan and BBQ Show, a punk doo-wop duo. With the Shrines, Khan brings his love of fusing styles, cranking up the dial into righteous levels.

Last night the band took the stage with Khan clad in a suit that surely had the potential to be tagged as highly flammable while the rest of the band -- which is a glorious mishmash of guitars, drums, horns, keyboard and tambourine -- rocked some shiny ensembles.

And capes. With King Khan and the Shrines, there are always capes; it's just part of the magic. The real thrill though came when the music started. Khan's voice sounded like it was a little extra gravelly -- you know, like a person who has been delivering a lot of serious vocal goods on a rock 'n' roll tour. Not like he let it get him down; he and the band offered up some groovin' tunes and the night continued to heat up, song after song.


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