Kanye West Tour Cancellations Pass Over Phoenix (for Now)

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Some Kanye West shows have been canceled and/or postponed, and I admit that this is only news in the way "Dog Bites Man Really, Really Hard" is news. Buying a ticket to a Kanye West show is a little like preordering Chinese Democracy in 2000: You're pretty sure you're going to get what you're looking for eventually, but it's too late to act surprised when something weird happens in the meantime.

Multiple early shows on the Yeezus tour (featuring Jesus) have been affected so far, but at present it looks like Phoenix fans are in luck.

In Kanye's defense, this month's issues don't seem to be his own doing, at least not directly. Word out of the tour is that a a truck accident on the road damaged the bespoke "60-foot circular LED screen" that plays a not-insignificant part in his incredibly elaborate show.

This happened on October 30; in the immediate aftermath the Vancouver, Denver, and Minneapolis shows were postponed. But the way they were rescheduled suggests Phoenix just might be late enough in the tour that it will go on as scheduled--December 10 at US Airways Center. A show in Anaheim, among the first to be rescheduled, was dropped back into the schedule on December 13.

There's no confirmation yet, but for now we can rest assured that Kanye's people believe they can create a second 60-foot circular LED screen by a few days after the Phoenix show, which was part of a second wave of tour announcements. At the moment, even Kanye's hometown performance at the United Center--scheduled for later this week--is still on, though the Sun-Times says they're in doubt.

We've got an early tour video and the full press release on Page 2, if you're looking to apply some pre-show kremlinology to either one.

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Talking Stick Resort Arena (formerly US Airways Center)

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Sindi Stack
Sindi Stack

Who the heck cares? Please do not come to Phoenix. we are better without the likes of you and your kind.

Barbara Hoskinson
Barbara Hoskinson

Would not walk across the street to see a free concert, he's a jerk

Josh Skora
Josh Skora

If definitely baffles me to know he's still playing arenas

Arturo Yescas
Arturo Yescas

Ugh why does everybody still give this maniac attention?

Scott Hecker
Scott Hecker

No, he can keep on moving. Kendrick is still welcome though.

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