Feast For The Famished - The Sail Inn - 11/27/13

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Photos by Jeff Moses.
TMI on KWSS brought out just about every big local act they could for their Feast For The Famished concert at Tempe's Sail Inn on the day before Thanksgiving. More than 300 people piled into the beloved local dive to hear great tunes ping-ponging back and forth from their outdoor stage to the indoor stage and back.

The event kicked off at 7 P.M. with the Valley's reigning kings of desert reggae, The Hourglass Cats. The Sail Inn is a venue that THC consistently kills--from their inception to their May album release all the way to now, THC always shows out on the Sail Inn outdoor stage.

The ever-fluctuating lineup of The Hourglass Cats was in fine form as a five piece, with sole original member Cori Rios on vocals and guitar, second-longest-tenured Cat Chaz Fertal on the saxophone, former Valley Love guitarist Jason Sessler on bass, Nick Arocho from the ASU drumline on the drum kit, and trombone player Lisa Lizanec.

"Our set was great for an early one," Rios said. "Our new drummer Nick is definitely getting into our groover considering how little we've played with him." Sessler shared Rios's sentiments towards Arocho and so did headliners KONGOS, as all four brothers were in the house early to catch THC's fun and energetic sounds.

Adding to the fervor for The Hourglass Cats was the presence of former Valley Love lyricist and regular THC collaborator Jordan Hall, who joined his former bandmate for two THC tracks, including their ode to nice asses, "Yoga Butt," and their upcoming single, "Too Damn Rude."

Following THC the music bounced to the Sail Inn's inside stage for Phoenix-based hard rock act Watch For Rocks, and the six piece held their own for a still-growing crowd of about 40 people.

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Sounds like a fun night out . But after spending many of night out, back in the day (80s at the mason jar), and all those dam drugs goin down in  bathroom, this seems a little tame for me...Hell, when your first concert is WARREN ZEVON ,and the GREATFUL DEAD back  at LEGEND CITY in the early 70s ,and your just a kid, well ,what can I say.....I'll  just wait for  Bryan Ferry to come to town....

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