Fayuca Premieres New Acoustic Music Video for "Tricky Sneaky Sleeves"

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The fellas from Fayuca are fresh off another successful tour supporting their wicked-cool record, Barrio Sideshow, released earlier this year. Thanks in large part to the video placement of their lead single "Por Que Seguir" on MTVu, the boys from Phoenix are finding it a lot easier to fill venues across the country.

"It was the first time that we actually saw new faces that were already engaged and intrigued by what the band was doing," singer/guitarist Gabriel Solorzano says of their recent leg.

Solorzano and his crew are hoping to keep the momentum going with a new video series titled The Bomb Shelter Sessions. The music videos give an intimate look at acoustic renditions of tracks off the album.

"We thought, why not give this to the people who are listening to our music?" Solorzano says. "They might want to hear the lyrics clearly, and the cracks in my voice and the notes that I struggle with."

The first video in the series is for "Tricky Sneaky Sleeves" and is getting its premiere on Up on the Sun. Read on for the full interview and catch Solorzano and drummer Raf Ruiz later today at the Crescent Ballroom for an acoustic meet-and-greet session from noon to 2 p.m.

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Up on the Sun: What is your measure of a successful tour?
Gabriel: The van not blowing up was a very good start.

I feel like anytime that you see growth, a stronger connection with fans, making new fans; anytime that you're going to new cities and you're received well, even if it's one person at a bar or a thousand people at a venue. Anytime there's a positive response, I consider that a successful show. And when you have a run of that, I consider that a successful tour.

It was the first time that we actually saw new faces that were already engaged and intrigued by what the band was doing. Singing along to the songs, asking us to sing certain songs. That was exciting because a lot of the time we're rushing to set up our gear and we're hitting the streets trying to make new fans, but with this tour, there were already a lot of places where there was people waiting to see us.

Raf: The place where I tripped out the most was Alabama. We haven't played there in a few years and it was packed on a Tuesday night. We were like, "Yeah, this is pretty awesome."

I feel like every tour is successful because if you affect one person's view in life; that's all that matters. If it's 5,000, or 100 or just the bartender.

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Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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