Dry River Yacht Club Threw a Massive Release Party, and Everyone Came

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Dry River Yacht Club
Photos by Jeff Moses
Dry River Yacht Club released its newest album, El Tigre, on November 16 and threw a party at Crescent Ballroom to celebrate it. At the height of the party, the Yacht Club had more than 400 people packed into the Crescent, losing their minds to some of the best performers the Southwest has to offer.

"The show was packed, and it was hot, and it was great," said Zach Lewis of DRYC, after headlining one of the biggest local shows of 2013.

Upon entering the venue, it was evident something special was going on, because of the two-stage setup within the Crescent. Adding a second stage where most bands usually set up their merch booths added a whole new dynamic to a venue that for the past two years already has been head and shoulders above the rest.

Flamenco por la Vida opened the night with a free performance in the Crescent lounge before Two Visions opened up the main stage to officially start the party. Dylan Pratt took to the second stage next, before Tucson-based Sweet Ghosts and Austin's Technicolor Hearts.

The Technicolor Hearts were a visual and auditory delight, mixing a wide array of colored lights, some samples, a violin, and a cache of interesting sounds including a xylophone that they played with a bow. By the end of their set, the crowd, full of fans and fellow musicians, was really filling in, and the excitement was reaching a boiling point.

Besides members of other Phoenix bands, it seemed everyone in the room was interconnected in a hodgepodge of local musicians, writer, bloggers, photographers, and a wide array of other local music lovers.

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Rebecca Cunningham
Rebecca Cunningham

Saw you in Tucson the night before. I absolutely live for the joy it brings me when I get to see one of your performances. Cant stop telling people how amazing you guys are. The cd is great! Thank you1 Thank you! Thank you!

Dorothea Klein
Dorothea Klein

The CD sounds wonderful. I didn't want to get out of my car. You guys rock!!!

Gard Garland
Gard Garland

Jerry Foreman you need to make this show if you don't have plans Saturday.

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