10 Things The Door Guy Hates About You

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10 Reasons Your Door Guy Hates You
All photos by Erik Hess
The Door Guy. He's seen and heard it all. Pukes puking. Bros fighting. Liars lying about the guest list to get by him. Drunks falling. Your "Turn up!" is his "Calm down!" Frankly, he hates you. Here are ten reasons why you can't blame him.

Your Public Sex

Seriously. It happens. And, ew. It's worst in big clubs with lots of nooks and crannies. Nobody wants to glance over to a private, discreet dark corner during their favorite band playing and see people banging. But people's definition of "private" and "discreet" get pretty loose by the end of an evening, and suddenly, that naughty turn-on you might experience finding a hidden spot to get dirty just turns into people averting their eyes and pretending they aren't seeing what they're actually seeing. For real. Ew.

But more important than the total ew factor is that when people go to bars and night clubs, they drink. And sometimes they drink until they make bad decisions, and sometimes they drink until they aren't capable of making decisions. Which means that when you and your special friend for the next five minutes get caught awkwardly trying to maintain an erection while not knocking over a barstool, any door guy or bouncer in town isn't going to know if what's happening is two people having consensual (but totally gross) sex or something else. Yuck. Don't do it. If you see it, tattle.

Your Impossible Expectations

On the topic of tattling, the Door Guy is not omnipotent, and he cannot be everywhere at once. There's no such thing as instant response time, and sometimes things that shouldn't happen still happen. When it does, it is absolutely not a negative reflection on the venue or its staff. Random acts of oral or violence are exactly that -- random.

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Your belief that the door guy is your best friend, shrink, or Dad! Dude, go see the bartender if you have baggage to unload. The door guy is just hoping to get through the night without having to bounce someone, and that he didn't accidently let any wrong or fake ID's through. He doesn't care about your problems... I mean does the door guy whine to you about the fact his girlfriend may be cheating, that he's so broke he has to get paid to watch other people do the very thing he wishes he had enough money to do, or how every time he's at work some asshole comes up and gets over personal and sharing? That'd be awkward right? So in what world is it then OK for you to put the door guy through that kind of misery....? Cause the door man will never tell you these things, because he's a professional and its part of his job to attempt to greet you with a smile, to make the place "inviting." However, he doesn't care about your dead dog Fluffy, any more then you care he's standing there wondering why it hurts every time he pees. I mentioned, he thought she may had been cheating right. Lol.


Who gives a shit about what the door guy thinks? Fuck that guy.

Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith

Pssst, a little secret? Drunken douchebaggery is highly over rated. I know, crazy, right?!

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