Donald Glover Isn't Depressed; You Just Haven't Been Listening

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Courtesy of Donald Glover's Instagram
Donald Glover has been making the anti-rounds of press for Because the Internet, his latest Childish Gambino LP due out next month, bouncing from city to city and playing it in the open for anyone who reads his Twitter announcements. He's declined most interview requests, save for a scant Noisey feature, and he's left Community, his prime time jumping-off point.

His introspective ways have been a focal point for critics and fans alike lately, questioning his motives and rationale since he posted a series of seven Instagram posts outlining his personal fears and doubts last month.

That's only one piece of the puzzle here, something we're hopefully going to see laid out in full through his vicious bars and self-produced beats come December 10. Glover isn't his Community character Troy, unabashedly admitting this on a number of occasions; he's far more multi-dimensional than most roles he's played. His expressive outbursts have been wildly misconstrued because his self-doubt has been put into black-and-white before us all.

First and foremost, Glover is known for his NBC work -- this is no surprise to anyone who's even a fair-weather fan of his. But his time there stemmed from his skits with YouTube sketch group Derrick Comedy, now a flash-in-the-pan in comparison to his standup work, and primarily his hands-on approach to 2009's Derrick Comedy-produced feature-length film Mystery Team.

In addition to contributing to the writing, direction, and role in the film, Glover scored it himself. It's one of the earliest spotlights on his sound, filled with sirens, 808s and Southern hip-hop cymbal accentuation.

However, it's the screenplay, centered around a group of soon-to-be high school grads who have been comically solving juvenile whodunit crimes until they're forced to investigate a murder, that's the tipoff here.

The theme of refusing to act your age permeates the entire film, and Glover's character is the biggest perpetrator of this throughout. That doesn't seem to be a coincidence, foreshadowing his closing Instagram post's line of "You're always allowed to grow up. If you want."

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