Catching Fire's Soundtrack Is Great If You're an Aging Male Hipster

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Hunger Games Catching Fire Soundtrack
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire's soundtrack is the latest in a proud, increasingly long young-adult franchise movie tradition: Pitching their soundtracks at the college-rock types who actually buy compilation albums. It's streaming now on iTunes, and that means it's time for another set of strikingly competent tracks pointed at aging male near-hipsters. Which is great for me, because I'm one of those! The National? Check. Coldplay? You bet. Lorde?

Okay, sure, everybody loves Lorde. But how and why does this keep happening?

Because it keeps working.

And almost nothing else works. Nobody is buying albums, and nobody cares about soundtracks except to get pissed off when iTunes won't let them buy the one exclusive song without also buying all the pieces of the score named after scenes they don't quite remember.

The Twilight soundtrack is -- sure, I'm willing to buy this, Wikipedia -- the best-selling soundtrack since Chicago, which A) hardly counts and B) came out before everybody's phone turned into an MP3 player. It's the one people talked about, in large part because it was so confusing.

It makes a weird kind of sense.

Of course, a novelty campaign could only work once. Twilight's strategy had to survive the sequel books and the now-obligatory reluctant-two-part-conclusion. It did that because, in the end, it made a really weird kind of sense.

That is, at some point, after you were done being surprised by Death Cab for Cutie being on a Twilight soundtrack, you realized that most of their recent singles had been about chasing down and metaphysically capturing women anyway. "Meet Me on the Equinox" wasn't a step in a new direction so much as a more confident step in the same one. I will possess your heart.

The National performing in a dystopian and ultimately hopeless hellscape in which your nine-to-five is only furthering your alienation from the broader culture? Well, sure, I guess.

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Steve Kalan
Steve Kalan

Any sound track is good without kanye and Jay-Z and his ugly fat wife on it

Zander Buel
Zander Buel

It takes quite an effort to write hundreds of words and still somehow not say anything at all.

Scott Hecker
Scott Hecker

It's actually a pretty damn good sound track. Would you prefer Lil Wayne and Miley Cyrus instead?

Timothy D Little
Timothy D Little

Because nothing even remotely original has come out in years.

Steve Palermo
Steve Palermo

Hipster songs just sound like dudes crying. Some people are into that sort of thing.

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