BluesHounds: "It's Not About What We Like -- It's What the People Like"

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BluesHounds (Matty Spinelli)
It's a simple formula: The BluesHounds play upbeat dance blues, and that gets the people happy. The happy people start dancing, and the dancing makes them thirsty, and the thirsty people make club owners happy.

Matty Spinelli, lead guitarist and bandleader for the BluesHounds, doesn't mind the way things work; he loves the dancing blues, and his fans love the dancing blues, so everyone wins.

Clearly, the formula works; the BluesHounds have been making it work through eight years and a number of membership changes. Spinelli himself wasn't the original bandleader; he joined the band after answering an advertisement.

As currently constructed, the BluesHounds are Betty Jo Vachon, the voice and personality of the band; Peter Hall, a drummer and vocalist hailing from England; Michael Kiser, who plays bass and assists with the band's arrangements; and Dennis Valentine on keyboards and vocals.

Spinelli says Valentine also provides the BluesHounds' comic relief. "He has a happy attitude, so everybody likes it when he comes into the room."

As for Spinelli himself, the erstwhile New Yorker has been playing the blues and rock guitar since 1969.

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