Wolfgang Gartner: "This Job Doesn't Really Allow You to Have a Social Life"

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Wolfgang Gartner
Wolfgang Gartner and Tommy Trash will hit the decks Friday at the Marquee Theatre, making sure that Halloween last one day longer. Their recent tour and track "Hounds of Hell" captures both of the DJs' creative styles, with a bit of a spooky undertone.

Up On The Sun spoke with Wolfgang Gartner about his work with Tommy, the tour, and what the electronic music industry has evolved into.

Up On The Sun: How did you both meet?
Wolfgang: I believe Tommy had been sending me promos ages ago, either when he was still living in Australia or when he was in London, and he started sending me some really amazing stuff that I was playing. I reciprocated, and it all just kinda went from there, as most DJ to DJ friendships do.

And what made y'all want to work together?
Tommy and I had been friends for a while, playing each other's music and just generally had a mutual respect for each other. Coincidentally, our managers all work on the same floor of this office building in LA and sorta have a collective way of operating where they all help each other with things, it's a very symbiotic sort of environment. So I think the initial idea was pitched by our managers, and both of us were immediately up for it, then it just became an issue of the details like production and staging, how we'd split up the sets, tour support and all that.

The Hounds of Hell track seems to be a perfect mixture of both DJs' skills and assets. Will you both be performing this track side by side? Or is the tour strictly one DJ followed by another?
We play separate sets on the tour, but switch it up here and there as far as that song. Sometimes we'll both come out when one of us plays it.

I have seen you both perform at festivals and more intimate shows. What is going to set this tour apart from just any other set?
This year instead of building a DJ booth, which is what I've done on previous bus tours, we decided to build a set. It's perfect for Halloween. Also, Tommy and I are each touring with our own bus, each with full kitchen, master bedroom.

I've even got a steam shower, which doesn't suck.

I think the Tempe show will be great since it's literally the day after Halloween. What have you learned or figured out over recent shows and perhaps plan to do differently for it?
What I've learned from recent shows... I guess that would be that we're apparently doing things right, so I'm probably not gonna do anything differently. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I like to always ask this question, although it maybe overdone: Festival or show?
Festivals if I were forced to pick one, but I don't really prefer one over the other; it all depends on the specific event. My preferred timeslot is the one where the most people are there. Would anybody want a different timeslot?

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