The Sugar Thieves Stay Busy (and Dancing) Around Phoenix

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The Sugar Thieves press photo
The Sugar Thieves
The Sugar Thieves, considered by many the best dance-blues band in Phoenix, have been busy for a while now, playing a regular gig every Wednesday at Copper Blues, touring across the state, and working toward getting an album out in 2014.

Oh, yeah, and band members Mikel Lander and Meredith Moore recently were married in Moore's home state of Nebraska. And you can guess who played at their wedding.

The Sugar Thieves, who won the Arizona Blues Challenge last year, have been performing the blues at Copper Blues for two years. The Arizona Lindy Hop Society, which promotes swing music, also gets folks dancing to the Sugar Thieves' tunes.
Copper Blues has the stage behind the bar and offers 100 beers on tap including microbrews.

The Sugar Thieves have been together for six years now. "Mikel and I started as a duo, but we're all family now," Moore says. "We have a great work dynamic, and the caliber of the musicians is awesome."

The other members of the band are David Libman on percussion, Jeff Naylor on bass, and Shea Marshall on "piano, accordion, and anything else he can get his hands on."

Aside from their weekly gigs, the Sugar Thieves have upcoming performances at the Tempe Arts Festival and Desert Botanical Gardens. The Sugar Thieves' last CD was called Plywood Palace; their next one is tentatively titled Sugar Thieves in the Raw.


Buzz Fowler, coordinator of last week's 12 Hour Food Benefit, said the concert was a success because they raised enough donations to fill five big orange St. Mary's Food Drive boxes, or an estimated 1,300 pounds along with $500 in cash.

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