Restorations: Having Things Go Okay "Lit a Fire Under Our Ass"

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Restorations (instagram wclindsay)
Born out of the breakup of long-running Philadelphia hardcore band Jena Berlin, Restorations reach for a balance between energy and melody.

Fed up with the with the hassles of touring and record labels and having decided the band had reached the limits of what it could do with hardcore, singer-songwriter-guitarist Jon Loudon dissolved Jena Berlin, hoping to focus on just playing music.

The new band name would fit the mood Loudon wanted. Joining guitarists Dave Klyman and Ben Pierce, his bandmates from Jena Berlin, and drummer Carlin Brown and bassist Dan Zimmerman, Loudon set out in a new direction.

"We were interested in not doing the typical bar band thing, but focusing on writing records and the musical end of things, not the touring end of things," says singer-songwriter-guitarist Jon Loudon. "We wanted something more laid back, more melody. We're trying the stuff we couldn't get away with playing the heavier music."

Restorations follow in the footsteps of Fugazi, Constantines, and Torche, "bands along that line that are a little bit subdued but still have more of a kick," Loudon says.

In the contrast between the subdued elements and the kick is where Restorations surge creatively.

"Once we solidified the lineup the way it is now, we'd created this low-ego environment where everybody's comfortable going out on a limb," he says. "We organized songs as a group and a little ideas come together into something bigger."

The band's 2011 debut Restorations for Tiny Engines caught the attention of SideOneDummy Records, which released LP2 in April. It's the type of post-punk record that's as thoughtful as it is rumbling.

"We were getting together to do a record anyway and that changed everything for us," Loudon says. "Up until that point, we were a little more afraid to do anything more scaled up than we were doing."

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8005 E. Roosevelt St., Scottsdale, AZ

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