Quintron and Miss Pussycat - Trunk Space - October 22, 2013

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For the fourth time in the past decade, New Orleans' garage swamp noise rocker Quintron and his lovely partner in crime, Miss Pussycat -- formally known as Panacea Pussycat -- brought their act to downtown's Trunk Space. The duo, complete with puppets and organs, showed an excited and bouncy crowd a damn good time.

Ryan Avery
Trunk Space's Steph Carrico with Quintron and Miss PussycatPer usual, the two kicked off the night with a puppet show. Miss Pussycat's colorful, portable little puppet theater was set up on stage next to Quintron's organ/synthesizer combo that is built into a setup that resembles the front grill of a car, complete with blaring headlights and a license plate that reads Quintron.

The puppet event centered around a couple of real adorable stuffed animals engaging in a cake bake off to determine a winner between a goblin cake and another of a vanilla-meets-strawberries combo. How can you not like talking, dancing, partying puppets who like cake? The show is a nice extension of the pair's multiple creative talents, in addition to making the ass-shaking tunes that followed the theatrical fun.

After that, Quintron took his place behind his organ "car," Pussycat grabbed the orange maracas that matched her stylish orange-leopard-shiny ensemble and the two got down to the business of rock and roll.

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Trunk Space

1506 Grand Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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