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Do you have a Halloween costume yet?

Okay, okay. Do you have two Halloween costumes yet? Just keep your audience in mind if you plan on starting the evening handing Krackel bars to seven-year-olds and ending it dancing with somebody who's also wearing an Anthony Weiner costume. (View our complete concert calendar here.)

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Alkaline Trio - Marquee Theatre, Tempe - Monday, October 28

Alkaline Trio has appealed to the pop-punk-loving masses for nearly two decades now by finding the midpoint between the macabre themes of The Damned or The Misfits and the hopeless-romanticism of bands like Saves the Day and New Found Glory. Tales of love and woe are what attract many female fans to Alkaline Trio in the first place -- just ask any girl with an AT heart-and-skull tattoo about singer Matt Skiba and her voice will probably raise an octave. Skiba and bassist Dan Andriano are this band's vocal Jekyll and Hyde, but neither singer works exclusively good or evil.

On the band's latest effort, My Shame Is True, Skiba builds on some darker sentiments, inspired by his recent breakup. He's still on good terms with his ex -- she's the girl on the cover -- but the album is full of heartache; Skiba described the songwriting process as cathartic. "I just miss you / I want to kiss you to death tonight," Skiba sings in "Kiss You to Death," which harks back to the band's classic love-scorned Good Mourning sound.

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Brooke Turnbull
Brooke Turnbull

Wow cool! I've always wanted to be a robot master, jealous!

David Hilbmann
David Hilbmann

Random can hold a lot of titles... but let's be real... "Robot Master" clearly goes to Supercommuter. :P

Kyle Brock
Kyle Brock

5 "must" see this week? Sure, if your job is seeing concerts. Seriously the title of this is retarded.


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