Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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Important concert-going note: Until Friday, at the earliest, it is still at least a little weird to go to a show--whether it's on this list or not--in a Halloween costume.

We're just trying to help. (View our complete concert calendar here.)


Animal Collective - The Marquee Theatre, Tempe - Tuesday, October 22

Animal Collective is all about weirdness; that's part of the appeal. The band's Coachella set was full of crazy lights that made the songs somewhat unsettling. I'm curious to see how this would translate to an indoor venue--it would probably be cool at Marquee.

A festival performance doesn't necessarily let you gauge whether a band is good live. The intimate setting of Marquee is promising: you may actually be able to see Geologist's headlamp without squinting at a video feed. Animal Collective does, in fact, sound good live, but my experience at Coachella still has me hesitating about buying a ticket. I know I'd still hold out for songs like "My Girls" and "Fireworks" that may never come, but if you're a big fan of Centipede Hz and hearing new Animal Collective cuts before anyone else, by all means get one.

As for me, I'll be keeping an eye on to get a sense of what the band is playing on this tour. For all I know, I'll finally be able to hear my beloved "My Girls" live. -- Melissa Fossum

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Location Info


Marquee Theatre

730 N. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

Category: Music

Pub Rock

8005 E. Roosevelt St., Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Music

Crescent Ballroom

308 N. 2nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

Club Red

1308 W. University Dr., Mesa, AZ

Category: Music

Harold's Cave Creek Corral

6895 E. Cave Creek Road, Cave Creek, AZ

Category: Music

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How is Ghost BC not on there? They blow all these bands away, and that's gonna be the place to be! and that's where I'll be Fri 25!

Wa Aayne
Wa Aayne

wow, this list is the same as my "top 5 shows I cant afford"

Dave Brookhouser
Dave Brookhouser

thanks for making us click through a page just to read each and every paragraph ...

Nicole Blackley
Nicole Blackley

ummm what about Michael Franti and Spearhead tonight at the Marquee!!!!????

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