Top Five Must-See Phoenix Shows This Week

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For the second time in a row there's a state fair show among these top five Phoenix shows this week.

Please take it as read that its status as a Must See Show is partially but not entirely dependent on buying your favorite fair food in an enormous basket or bowl, eating it, and then feeling a little guilty about yourself.

The Rascals

The Rascals - Orpheum Theatre - Monday, October 14

Lots of music fans have a cult-favorite band, and lots of those cult members certainly believe they'd spend 30 years of their life, on and off, trying to get them back together. E Street Band guitarist and Rascals fan Steven Van Zandt was part of an even smaller subset--a fan with the resources and connections to actually test that devotion.

After a string of R&B hits like "Good Lovin'" and "A Beautiful Morning" and a struggle to evolve in more experimental directions, The Rascals broke up for good in the early '70s. "I was trying to reunite them starting in--1982," Van Zandt says, seeming to count backward from his final, successful attempt. "They weren't ready. So I stayed in touch with them. Every five years, 10 years, you know, 'Are you guys ready yet?' 'No.'"

But after 30 years it would take more than a lack of recognition to phase the band and their most active fan. The solution--the one that ended up on Broadway and is touring through Phoenix this month--is a striking hybrid of stage-show acting, documentary filmmaking, and live performance. If too few people remembered The Rascals, the history would have to come to them.

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Ridiculous that you did not include Steve Earle at SCPA tonight. 

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